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North Coast Marble & Granite

January 2018—Present

In 2018, North Coast Marble & Granite reached out for a total redesign of their current website. I worked with their team to design and develop a solution to perfectly fit their needs, and hosted the website in the cloud. We collaborated again in 2020 to update the content of the site, and improve look and feel.

You can view the completed, live site at

Desktop landing page

Staff Area

The staff area is a cordoned off location, only accessible to NCMG staff members. It allows staff to upload and edit images, view all submitted messages, and manage some generic site settings.

Full Mobile Support

The entire website, from landing page to staff area, is 100% mobile compatible.

Mobile landing page

Mobile gallery

Mobile Staff

Style Guide

During the design phase, I built out a small static website to act as a style guide for the final product. It detailed branding & logos that would be used, as well as a complete colour palette and an exploration of typography & iconography.

You can view the style guide online at